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Protecting your online presence since 2008.

DDoS attacks are becoming a major peril to businesses that rely on their online presence. When an online business website gets exposed to DDoS attacks, the revenue stops. This can cause hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to be lost in potential revenue. This can be catastrophic to an online business.

Why do I need DDoS Protection?

DDoS attacks devastate online businesses by interrupting daily operations, bringing revenue streams to a screeching halt, and preventing visitors from reaching your web site. All of which severely impedes the success of an online business. Since 2008, DDoS Hosting Solutions has been providing enterprise level DDoS protection in various sectors including financial services, web hosting, gaming, e-commerce, and more. We offer dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and remote DDoS protection plans.
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Types of DDoS Attacks Prevented

We protect against all types of DDoS attacks including but not limited to: HTTP GET/POST Floods TCP SYN/ACK Floods NTP Reflection Attacks UDP Floods DNS Amplification Floods Connection Floods Slow-HTTP Request Attacks TCP Fragment SSL Exhaustion TCP RESET TCP FIN Floods Slowloris LOIC ICMP Floods Zero-day Attacks

How does our DDoS protection work?

How our DDoS protection works

DDoS Protection Products

Cost-effective solutions to protect your web presence from malicious DDoS attacks.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server

Choose from one of our pre-configured servers available in three prime locations: California, New York, or Amsterdam.

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VPS Hosting


We offer Virtual Server plans for those who are not quite ready for a Dedicated Server. Each VPS comes with guaranteed DDoS protection ranging up to 20 Gbps.

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Remote Protection

DDHS Guard

Just need DDoS protection? We can deploy remote protection for any type of server or service located anywhere on the globe. Protection ranges up to 20 Gbps.

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