Dedicated Servers

  • DDoS Protection

    All dedicated servers come with our base level DDoS protection. This includes protection against all types of TCP, UDP, and ICMP attacks. Advanced filtering can be purchased as an add-on to withstand DDoS attacks up to 10 Gbps. Custom ACL rules are also available upon request.

  • Redundancy

    In the event of a networking equipment failure, automated failover systems will automatically kick in to ensure your dedicated server remains online and unaffected. Our data center is fully equipped with both backup UPS systems and high capacity power generators to ensure your server remains online at all times.

  • Temperature Controlled

    Excessive heat can be your server’s worst enemy and will negatively impact both your server’s stability and performance. Our data center is fully equipped with air conditioning units which operate 24/7 to maintain a safe operating temperature.

  • Upgradable

    Need more resources? All dedicated servers can be upgraded at any time. Whether you need another hard drive or more RAM, let us know and we can make it happen.

  • High Capacity Network

    Our network has 150 Gbps of capacity utilizing carriers such as Cogent, Xeex, and AboveNet. We also have peering arrangements with multiple other networks.

  • Quick Setup

    All dedicated servers are setup promptly within 24 hours after ordering. Setup is simple and quick. We pride ourselves in delivering all of our services quickly.

  • Premium Hardware

    All of our dedicated servers are equipped with only the best hardware. We utilize top brands such as Intel, AMD, Supermicro, Dell, Western Digital, Seagate, and many more.

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