Company Information

Our Network

Connectivity. Our DDoS specialized network is located in California, USA. Our network has over 150 Gbps of capacity utilizing carriers such as Cogent, Xeex, and AboveNet. We also have peering arrangements with multiple other networks.

Redundancy. In the event of a networking equipment failure, automated failover systems will automatically kick in to ensure customer services remain online and unaffected. Our data center is also fully equipped with both backup UPS systems and high capacity power generators to ensure customers are not negatively impacted by unexpected power outages. Additionally, the datacenter is fully equipped air conditioning units which run 24/7 to ensure all servers maintain a safe operating temperature which ensures server stability and optimal performance.

DDoS Protection. Our network is specifically designed to handle DDoS attacks. All services that we provide come with base level protection which is sufficient for most customers who are under small to medium scale attacks. This level of protection is available on an as-available basis since it is shared across the network. We offer an advanced level of filtering with guaranteed protection for customers receiving sustained, complex attacks through our DDHS Guard service.